Dixieland Cavaliers

mg dixieland cavaliers.jpg
Dixieland Cavaliers performing at Fenway Park Boston

For the past 25 years the Dixieland Cavaliers have been performing this infectious, toe tapping music for many of New Englands top companies as well as hundreds of private outings and concerts. 

A fixture at Boston's best hotels, they can be heard performing high energy, jazz classics for those ultra party moments or perhaps providing a subtle but energetic musical backdrop for a theme event.

Whatever your musical needs, the Dixieland Cavaliers can provide the answer to match your size and budget requirements. Whether it's a 3 piece group for background music or a full blown, swingin affair accompanied by a 9 or 10 piece band. If you wish more of a 1940s swing sound, additional horns can be easily added to produce the classic Big Band style. 

Each performance can be programmed exclusively instrumental or with vocals. Attire can be traditional Dixieland (red vests, bow tie, straw hats etc) or a more contemporary (blue blazers, long tie, black pants) 

Traditional Jazz music of the 1920s & 30s represents some of the greatest music this country has produced and the Dixieland Cavaliers perform it with the respect and enthusiasm it deserves as well as the sheer joy that comes from playing this style of music.